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Central Communications, Inc. Doddridge and Ritchie Counties 911 Center




Main Facilities Construction


In 2007, CCI purchased the Pennsboro VFD training center, and began re-modeling it for use as a new 911 center.

The original center had use of around 880 square feet of floor space, including the restroom, equipment room, dispatch room, foyer, one office and a small area in the waiting room of the State Police office.

The new building in Pennsboro provides us with around 7000 square feet, plus an adjacent parking lot, and close proximity to stores and eating establishments. We moved into and began accepting calls in our new center on November 18th, 2008 with minimal issues - almost exactly one year to the day from starting the building modifications.

One thing we definitely miss is the close relationship that we had with the officers and employees of the WVSP West Union Detachment. However, we won't totally sever the physical ties, as most of the equipment remains in the current center, and is our backup PSAP.


New 2

This is an inside view towards the rear, prior to any modifications.
Installation of a sewer line to the new restrooms and kitchen.

This is a shot from above the Dispatch Room, with the kitchen to the right.
The white floor is the raised computer flooring.

Boring the caissons for the 160' tower. The caissons are 36" wide and 30' deep.

Lan Wiring
LAN Patch

Part of the LAN network wiring going to the Dispatch positions.

This is the partially completed LAN patch panel interface.

Conf Room
Equip Room
Miller Communications and Morlan Construction in the early stages of erecting the 160' tower.

Four of the six pre-assembled sections awaiting installation by crane.

The grounding system includes conductors and ground rods around the building. Here is Craig preparing to connect the conductor to a rod.
The conductors and ground rods are connected by a Cadweld connection. This is done by using a graphite mold and a filler material made with magnesium and other metals.
The mixture is then ignited with a striker through the side of the mold. striker through the side of the mold.
The moment of ignition! This
process generates temperatures
of more than 2000 degrees.
A look into the mold a minute or so past ignition. The weld is still red hot.
The resulting connection. This will
never corrode or loosen over
time as clamps can do.
Short video of ignition of a Cadweld  
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